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2018 DBS TPC Q3 Celebration Dinner Event Date: 17th AUG, 2018 Celebrity : Mr. Lee Ka Ding (鼎爺) Management & Production by Charm details

Posted NOV 2018, by CHARM

FTlife Final Push 2018 - 「薪火相傳」 Ftlife final push event for MDRT Hundred! Event date: 14th JUN, 2018 Venue: Kerry Hotel Hong Kong Event m....details

Posted AUG 2018 , by CHARM

BlessVision Community-TEE A lovely illustration to present the main concept of BlessVision MP3 player which brainstorm by "Cup Phone"....details

Posted 20-4-2017, by Charm

The first travel book of Rose Chan! Definitely it is a great project we work with Rose Chan, wonderful time we were in Korea. Finally, we create Rose&#....details

Posted 24-7-2015, by Charm

THE SHACK Charity Premiere Press Conference BlessVision and Intercontinental Video Limited have raised a charity show of movie - The Shack at Grand Cin....details

Posted , by

Svenson Hair X Chrissie Chau Celebrity Campaign We feel honour that we did line-up famous artist Chrissue, Chau Sau Na and Svenson Hair Centre (H.K.), also celebri....details

Posted 17-5-2015, by Charm

Sony QX10 series on Valentines Campaign Do you thinking what is the best gift for your lover on Valentines day? Sony QX10 is one of  best and interestin....details

Posted 6-4-2014, by Charm

LSnP in 2014 Hong Kong Pride Parade The Hong Kong Pride Parade promotes equal rights for and anti-discrimination. By showing the different faces of our c....details

Posted 7-1-2015, by Charm

Harvard Celebrity Campaign - Lok Wah Lok Wah is one of the famous artists who main targeted in elder age group, also he has an impressive image of skinhea....details

Posted 7-1-2015, by Charm

LSNP World Cup week - Street football game World Cup 2014 is almost kick off from the first match! It is so hot and people all around the town are talking about....details

Posted 20-8-2014, by Charm

Harvard testimonial campaign -Realcase sponsor scheme Danny, Cherry & Clement are the real clients of Harvard Add Hair, they are invited to sponsorship scheme and bein....details

Posted 10-11-2014, by Charm

Lifzyme PR event Lifzyme is one of most effective health drink which helping people slimmer and keep a good digesting system in our bo....details

Posted 15-8-2014, by Charm

Sony BTV-5 online promo There are many music lovers using Bluetooth speaker, but the newest tiny speaker may change their habit. SONY ne....details

Posted 25-8-2012, by Charm

Harvard Testimonial / PR Campaign We create a marketing scheme call "Testimonial Campaign" on 2014, reinforcing the professional feel of....details

Posted 7-1-2015, by Charm

Lee Fung Group - Reduze celebrity event Charm involved conducting a celebrity event about a fat reduce project. :) Finally, it is done! details

Posted 10-5-2013, by Charm

LSnP - Hair Wash Party LSnP Hair wash party is a road show campaign to boost up the instant sale volume in district sale point. Also, it is ....details

Posted 17-8-2012, by Charm

Svenson official web Charm Communication developed the brand new web for Svenson Hair Centre, it aim a much convenience service about....details

Posted 15-4-2015, by Charm

Linsanity - Jeremy Lin Shu How filmed a Christian story Jeremy is the legend, one of the NBA basketball player in U.S., also he is a convinced Christian in God's world. ....details

Posted 6-7-2015, by Charm

Vision Shanghai Lawrence & Priscilla finish Magic Nova Hong Kong and go back to Singapore to performance the next great magic sho....details

Posted 7-3-2014, by Charm

Magic Nova - First large scale of levitation show in Hong Kong Lawrence & Priscilla is the record breaker in levitation magic, it is their first-time visit Hong Kong to perform....details

Posted 20-1-2014, by Charm

Fortress iPHONE app TVC Have you experienced the spend a wait too long for purchasing an electronic device ? There will no longer have this p....details

Posted 20-6-2011, by Charm

Ajisen Ramen - 山形大叔,強勢回歸 山形大叔拉麵再次回歸! 味千妹妹首次跳出平面,化身3D公仔與山形大叔過招! It is the first time Ajisen break through the rule to create a 3D logo charac....details

Posted 20-10-2010, by Charm

Sony valentine day viral video What idea you will go for if you gonna propose? Sony helps a guy proposing to his girlfriend with the newest SONY NFC....details

Posted 25-4-2012, by Charm

Zurich - Agency campaign Charm Communications is appointed to being agency role of Zurich, providing design, production and marketing services....details

Posted 20-12-2012, by Charm

RED MR Fire Promo Have you gone karaoke? If so, you must see a video is playing when you entering the room, normally it is telling you ....details

Posted 5-5-2010, by Charm

LE Wave A story of how Print Ad help a brand to enhance their brand awareness in marketing, total enquiry rate is increased 5....details

Posted 8-11-2011, by Charm